Parting Ways

cddfb52e73f710db1e49d3271768af46It has been an interesting term with a lot of post. Some repetitive ones, some good ones. This is a bitter sweet moment but we all have to be strong and move on. To those that have been reading my post weekly and to those that are just reading this one, thank you. We have covered everything from YouTube Channels to Movies, and theories to just fun top 5 post. My eyes are tearing up just thinking about us all going our own ways. But we must stay positive and think about all the things that we have learned through the term. Every time I take a class like this one I never look at the world the same way because I have been exposed to all these theories and different view points, so it will be interesting to see all of this knowledge at work as I watch movies.

Now you may be wondering about the Star Wars picture above. Yoda riding on Luke’s back as he swings on a vine… pretty random right. Well its all going to make sense right about now. Luke represents us, the vine represents leaving this class and Yoda is the knowledge we all carry now. So Cheesy. This is Brandan signing out probably forever. May you all live long and prosper, oh wait wrong movie… may the force be with you all.


Video Inspirations

Well my video I posted for this blog was ahout how to make a super hero movie. The most show 5 key things that need to be in a super hero movie if you want to make them. Of course my inspiration came from existing super hero movies, so let’s look at some notable super hero movies and if they follow the five steps.

Amazing Spider-Man :
1. Super powers
Spider-Man has some very interesting super powers. Other than enhanced speed and strength, he can shoot webs. While in Amazing Spider-Man he shoots webs from a machine attached to his wrist the older movies he shot them just from his wrist. And each Spider-Man man film goes back to the origin story of how he got bit by a spider.

2. Super suit
Spider-Mans suit looks like webbing playing off of his powers and name. And his emblem is a spider.
3. Secret identity
For some reason movies do not like keeping secret identities secret frok.everyone Peter Parker is Spider-Man’s secret identity. A high schooler genius.

4. Villian
Spider-Man introduces a lot of villians. They are all diverse and interesting. Most of the time Spider-Man’s villians are acquaintances bent on revenge like the most recent Spider-Man film. Green Goblin and Electro were both made at Spider-Man or Peter Parker so they attacked him leading to the destruction of the town.

5. The love interest
The newer Spider-Man movies focus on Gwen rather than Mary Jane and in the newer movies they make the female love interest more capable to defend herself. However, in both cases of these love interest they get themselves into trouble and end up making Spider-Man try to save them.

Let’s do one more movie.

Iron Man series

1. Super powers
Iron Man is a billionaire with a lot of money and smarts. Because of this he is able to construct a super suit to compliment the powers that he wants. The first Iron Man shows his origin story and how he had to break away from being a prisoner, the only way possible. Making a super hero suit.

2. Super suit
His super suit compliments his powers nicely and plays off the name Iron Man.

3. Secret Identity
Although Iron Man doesn’t keep his secret identity just like Spider-Man, his identity is being a billionaire scientist that gives no *beeps*. Tony Stark.

4. Villian
Focusing on the most recent film the villian in Iron Man 3 links back to a young Tony Stark and a mean comment he made to the guy.

5. Love interest
Tony Stark’s love interest is Gwenyth his secretary. She gets kidnapped in the 3rd film and Iron Man has to save her. But she is awesome and can handle herself very well even using an Iron Man suit.

There are two examples of breaking down the super hero movie formula.

So You Want To Make A Super Hero Movie? Video

In this video I go over the basics of what is in a super hero movie. This is important to my topic because who doesn’t love a great super hero movie? And they are on the rise with the expanding marvel and dc universes. After watching you too will be able to make a great addition to the super hero movie legacies being created! The ideas in the video are pretty basic but they get the job done.

Chappie – Uncanny Valley


The Uncanny Valley is how unhuman things are becoming more human. The movie Chappie is about a robot that actually can feel human pain and emotion. How much more uncanny can you get? According to this movie crime will be patrolled by a robotic police force. One robot is stolen, Chappie, and is reprogrammed to have human feelings. This is the first robot that can think and feel for itself. I think this movie is a very interesting idea and shows how humans may react to a completly human-like robot. The uncanny valley finds itself in film once again.

The more and more that film progresses more so with 3D anination it opens more doors for the uncanny valley to be found. With the ability to throw in completely animated characters to play along side human counter parts blur the lines of reality and animation. The first movie that we saw this in was Star Wars Episode 2. Jar Jar although a very hated was the very first innovation to allow movie producers to throw in animated charcters along side human actors. This has progressed so far as that we almost expect it to be in movies. Computers allow us to go where we could never go before and destruction that we never thought possible. 

Movies To Look For This Year

Here are some must see movies on my list for early this year. Get pumped and ready for the movies.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron
The super hero servicd is back at it again in this action packed movie. Several trailers have been released showing us what to expect and so far it looks like the first must see of the year.

Jurassic World
The dinosaur park is making its big return. This time around Chris Pratt is the star of the film and the dinosaurs are even crazier.

This is the movie based on the book Insurgent the next in line for the Divergent series. The movie picks up where the last one left off and from the trailers it looks like it is going to be as intense as the last one.

This is the first animated must see of the year. From what I could tell from the trailers it is about a girl trying to get home back to earth and meets an alien on the way. Sheldon from Big Bang Theory voices the alien first time I’ve seen him on an animated movie.

Get Hard
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart join for a comedy. This features Will Ferrell about to go to jail and he needs some training before heading off so he hires Kevin Hart to show him the ropes of the prison life. Funny thing is that Kevin Hart’s character never has been in jail.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia Top 5

After many months of people begging and pleading for me to watch Always Sunny in Philadelphia I decided to finally give it a chance to stop their griping. All I can say is I have never made a bigger mistake in my life. All I thought after giving the show a couple of episodes was, “I could have been watching this show for months!” In the spirit of me adding a new show to my platter of shows I already watch I decided I would share my favorite 5 episodes from the ones that I have seen so far.


5. Sweet Dee Gets Audited, Season 7 Episode 4

In this episode obviously Dee gets audited. She is claiming child support for her surrogate baby, or the baby that she had for another couple. Of course the government smells something fishy and comes searching for answers that she obviously cannot answer. Throughout the episode she is trying to trick the IRS lady that she has a baby. When all hope is lost Dennis comes up with the “genius” plan to fake the babies death. They hold a funeral in the bar and everything goes wrong. Dennis shoots pepper power into Dee’s eyes and the coffin gets tipped over revealing a dead alley dog inside.


4. The Gang Gets Analyzed, Season 8 Episode 5

The episode starts with the gang fighting over who is going to do the dishes. So instead of deciding this like rational people they go to a psychiatrist. When they get there she finds that there is a lot wrong with the group and decides to analyze them one by one. Each analysis is hilarious. You find out that Dennis has been giving Mac pills to cut weight, Charlie doesn’t like to be told what to do, Frank bawls his eyes out and talks about his first love, Dennis shows his own psychology skills from his one class at Penn State and Dee shows off her acting.


3. Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare, Season 2 Episode 3

Dennis and Dee are the best part about this episode. They try to get on welfare by being a drug addict and a mentally handicap person. Of course this fails as they do not have the paper work to prove it, so in an effort to become drug addicts they try crack, and become addicted to it. The best part of the episode is when Dennis rolls down the window to pay the crack dealer.


2. The Nightman Cometh, Season 4 Episode 13

Charlie writes a play that has very suggestive things throughout it. Of course this was all in attempts to show the waitress that he is a man. This episode features some great musical performances and hilarious songs.


1. America’s Next Top Paddy’s Billboard Model Contest, Season 4 Episode 3

Frank decides to get a billboard to promote the bar. While Dennis and Mac are trying to map out the design of the billboard Frank interrupts them and the single greatest line ever spoken is spoken by Dennis,

Frank: You’re not gonna be up there … because I am gonna be the face of Paddy’s bar.
Dennis: That’s ridiculous, Frank. You’re, um … ugly.
Frank: I’m what?
Dennis: Ugly.
Frank: I’m ugly?
Dennis: Yeah.
Frank: With that anteater nose, you’re tellin’ me I’m ugly?
Dennis: My nose was chiseled by the gods themselves, Frank. My body was sculpted to the proportions of Michelangelo’s David. You, on the other hand, well … you’re a pit of despair. Frank, you disgust me. You disgust everyone. And you will never, ever be on that billboard.

Kills me every time. The side story to the billboard is Dee trying to become YouTube famous.


What are your favorite Always Sunny moments?

Leonard Nimoy : Not Another Hoax


I know that my last post was the one that was supposed to evoke emotion in you all, but sadly news arose today that may bring up emotion in you today. I was really hoping that Leonard was just falling victim to another internet hoax. Sadly that was not the case. Yes, the man that grabbed all our hearts, or at least the older generation’s heart, playing Spock in Star Trek has died. According to the New York Times he died of end stage obstructive pulmonary disease. He is survived by his wife. While he may be dead his legend will live long by the timeless films that he helped create. Most notably Star Trek and luckily he was able to get into the Star Trek reboots before he passed. While this is a sad day for us all, first Robin Williams now Leonard Nimoy who is next, he will continue to live long a prosper in our hearts.

Top 10 Saddest Animated Movies According to Watch Mojo

Watch Mojo goes through their top 10 list of the saddest animated movies. Grab the tissue box sit down and watch as you relive some of your childhood movies. I picked animated movies for this because I felt that these were the movies that we were all likely to have seen. I love how these fake characters can grasp our hearts as tight as they do and as they go through pain we can actually put ourselves in the shoes of a little baby dinosaur and feel his pain as his mother dies. Do you agree with this list? Is there a movie that you thought should had been on the list?

Tweet Tweet : An Oscars Live Tweet Reaction


Although my tweets went straight to the Twitter void I generally ha a good time tweeting and watching the Oscars. If it were not for this assignment I probably would had missed out on watching the Oscars. Before the Oscars was a lot of traditional news coverage. The reporters were walking around the red carpet grabbing various celebrities in hopes of talking to them. While this form of news gives you a more in depth personal news story, Twitter is quick and to the point. In todays society that is what we are striving towards. We want our news and we want it now. The fewer the words the better and the quicker it gets into our heads the better. That is why Twitter is becoming the optimal place to go to, to discover news. While you should not rely on Twitter for all of your news and information it is a great place to start. While yes it is quick, it is not in depth. It is like just reading the headlines, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It allows you to read what you actually want to ready rather than digging through the garbage. The last thing that makes Twitter so great is that you can customize who you are getting your news from. Rather than having a massive heap of stuff that you have no interest in you can follow people that tweet out things that fit your field of interest. Twitter is quick, customizable and fun to look around, and although it should not be your only place for news it is a great place to start and find what you are looking for. Tune in for the next post that will evoke emotions that you did not even know existed.